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push comes to shove they also could help it would appear for the fbi that they helped in a big way and that technology just might find the folks behind this tragedy. bill hemmer now. >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i'm kimberly gill film and this is a fox news alert. first time from two days about to get a briefing on the boston terror investigation. we hear that they are about to release a video they have not told us what's on it, just what they will be releasing on today. while we wait for that, let's go to fox news bill hemmer live in boston with what we know so far today. bill? kimberly, good evening, keep the screen split and let you know as soon as the fbi begins the press conference. we shall be quiet and listen. we expect the fbi to release some sort of video that captures the bombing suspects, that is plural now, whether that's two or more than two, we do not know but we may find out
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very soon here. i say expected because the fbi can change their mds at the last minute. this is a very hot investigation. we expect them to release this video to all the television networks the same time, so, we will wait and watch it together and kimberly i think it will be fascinating to see whether the video and the images given out to the public and frankly to all over the world in a matter of moments here, whether or not they are the same images that have been floating around for the past 36 hours or so do they match those same images or are they different? you will see a prairie fire spread across the country as we try identify and specifically name hosm ever it is in this image. we are waiting on all of that here in boston at the moment. >> greg: do you get a sense why they waited this long? maybe they could have released in earlier, no?
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>> i'm not sure. i'm not in the room. i can tell you this. it has been 4 will hours major terrorist attack in a major city. yet you don't have a single law enforcement official notifying or notifying the public. that might be seen as discipline or might be seen as a hot investigationed that the fbi does not want toet in the way of. once you go public, this thing is going to take off. when they named richard jewell in the summer of 1996 at the atlanta olympics in georgia and how his life was chang forever. they are being careful outhis. one would even suggest that they have been disciplined about the amount of information they have given out. remember, eric, there has been enormous pressure on these investigators to put out something and to do it the right way. >> kimberly: bill, we are also just getting this in to our newsroom that the fbi is stating that they are going to also release still photos of the suspect inddition to the video. that's a new development.
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that doesn't surprise me at all. i would expect that in addition to the video and what we call in the tv business frame grabs of these individuals we have the more complete picture now about where this investigation is you will have video and images that have been verified and made public by the fbi and then you have the forensic side of this investigation, ball bearings that came out 36 hours ago or the images of the zipper sittingn top of the pavement of boylston street about a quarter of a mile behinmen monday afternoon. so now we start to see are perhaps where thisors investigation is going. i want to emphasize this however. janet napolitano said this today they are imploring help from the public, images, photographs. if you saw anything, please say something to help the investigation out at this
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point and i imagine when the images go public that will be a continued part of that public plea for help. >> bob: bill, this is bob couldn't fill us what they do have in terms of forensic evidence so far? >> you have got the ball bearings, yohave got the zipper that came out. you have got the pressure cooker and the images that we have been smirg for the past two days. battery taken out of some remote operated toy. the battery was removed. it was eir words. that could have been used as a ter and detonation device. you put a little bit of that together and you try and figure out well, where is it going and how much more could they have? we might find out more about that forensic evidence here in a matter of minutes. >> kimberly: andrea? andrea andrea do you have any that they know who the suspects are. you mentioned before they may come out and ask the public again. appeal to them for help. any sense of how much they know about the men in the
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video and the men in these still photos? >> no sense, andrea, of where that is at t moment. perhaps they do, perhaps they don't. but, imagine this for a moment. you have thousands and thousands of photographs and video images that you are now poring over and poring through and trying to reconstruct the scene hours before the blast. the moments of the blast and the several hours that followed, followed after that. even if you get the image of a face where you say, you know, that guy looks suspicious, we need to talk to him, that guy over there, he looks suspicious, we need to talk to him. how do you find them? how do you nail down a name. this is why the public is so important. if they can identify them. they will come forward and then police have l. have a better idea about where this goes next. >> kimberly: that's going to make sense to bring in the public make identification and link up the suspect to the forensic evidence that they have to make a match. all right, bill, we're going to ask you to stand by and you will be taking
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us to the press conference when that occurs from the fbi. but, in the meantime. let's bring in chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with details on the federal investigation into the boston terror attack catherine. >> one of the new elements we had today through an investigative source is that you have got the video. you have got the still images and there is this third track through social media what he we were told is is that a radius of about a mile was put down over the attack site and it essentially vacuums up all the social media messages facebook, twitter, instagram,f that 24 hours before and then 24 hours after the attack and 30,000 messages were accumulated. the messages that met melt a certain investigating tore criteria. messes that seemed out of place or seemed to be coded in some way were then further annualized. and that this was providing new leads as well for the fbi. that's one of the interesting developments today in terms of the sort
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of the tracks of the investigation. in terms of the bomb components as we reported yesterday, the bomb components have arrived at the fbi crime lab in quantico, virginia they reconstructed like an archaeologist would reconstruct an artifact that's found at a dig site. they piece it together as bill just mentioned some of these components are in relatively good shape after the explosion which can allow for the identification of serial numbers you know from your experience that can be traced back to a manufacturer sometimes a lot and where it was sold in the country. that can be charted out on a map of the united states so they can see where these items were picked up on that party, the battery is of significant investigative interest because the individual who made the bomb went that extra step of buying some kind of typically a radio controlled toy that a kid
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would have taking out that battery and using it as the energy source and the bomb rather than just buying a regular battery at a home hard wear store or drugstore. the other thing pointed out to us in our reporting today is that when, under pressure, which you would be building a device for what happened earlier this week, you always go back to the position where you feel most comfortable so you go back to your training how to build a bomb. question foreinvestigators is who is taught to build the bombs by taking the power source taking that battery out of a child's device, a child's toy. that can tell you the style or signature of the bomb maker. >> kimberly: perhaps who they might be working with. >> that's right. >> kimberly: bring in greg gutfeld he has question for you. >> greg: janet napolitano was imploring help from the public. can't speculate. a lot of intel is being replaced by show and tell. is now the public kind of taking the lead in this investigation? >> right. i don't think that we can
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make any determination on that. what is clear from our report something the forensic track is moving along fairly quickly at this time and when you think about the decision to release video or to release images of what they believe to be suspects in the case. investigative leg work goes into making that determination. suspect is a legal definition. i can't comment on the specific case because we are not right inside it, but in other cases that i have covered there is often a real debate whether you want to release images to the public. you have got investigation. this already maxed out. it's in overdrive. when you release images to the public and you invite the public to provide names to you, it can have the effect of just flooding the system with thousands of tips. that can almost stall you out on your investigation or set you back so it's always a tough decision at what point you want to release those pictures once you release them, you not only create this flood of
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information for your investigators to run down the majority of which may not be helpful to you. you signal to the individuals that they are suspects and you can cause them to move and to flee. and that can be a good thing for investigators if they have got them under surveillance because that can allow them to pick them up, if they are not under surveillance, then you really have a bona fide manhunt on your hands catherine, bill hemmer in boston here. even if you identify the face of the person you want to talk to and label them a suspect. how do authorities go about finding the name of this person unless someone from the public comes forward and says i know that guy. the public can be the best avenue to proceed down if you are in that position. i just don't want to speculate too much as to what the fbi's motivation is here common sense would tell that you they have reached a point in the case
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where they think the balance is to their advantage to ask the public to help them identify these individuals for the reasons i have discussed because, again, once you put those pictures out publicly. you take that flood of information, once you get that flood of information you take investigators pretty maxed out and ask them to do even more. you also signal to these individuals that they may want to pick up and get out. and that's the other concern that you have got. >> there is a phrase called go to ground. that means the perpetrators or the suspects basically take cover and they go hide. how concerned with r. they about that possibility now. >> that's always a possibility in theist cases. what's often seen by the professionals they hide in plain sights. they stay where they are. they continue with their daily business. let's say and i'm just offering a hypothetical here that it's in the
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boston area. going to ground can be advantageous if you have done something wrong. but if you are sort of a true professional, you usually stay in the area and try to carry on. once pictures are out, it can be -- it's very difficult to do that. and you need to move. but, again, let's not speculate so much about what the motivation of these individuals are. what we know is that in a very short period of time, the fbi has reached quite a high confidence level that these individuals are important to the investigation, so important they must be identified at this point as to what they know about what happened on monday, and whether they were involved in building these bombs that killed and injured some people in boston. >> kimberly: eric bolling has a few questions. >> eric: maybe an hour or so you reported on the social media aspect of the fbi investigation. you said there are two types of social media interactions they were looking for. can you elaborate? >> well, the way this works
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now. maybe people are not familiar with it one the leading edge investigative tools. almost take a comb over the area and able to vacuum up all of the messages that are out in the public domain. so, whatever is being tweeted, what's on facebook, and you are able to dictate the radius and sort of the exact gee graphic location that you want to analyze and also the time frame that you want to look at. that's what happened here. so a one mile radius around the blast site, 24 hours before. 24 hours afterwards. you have mathematical, algorithms that start processing it. i don't want to give you a math lesson in the middle of this, essentially what that allows you to do is create link analysis charts which shows you the relationship teen who these people. say you and i are on facebook and we had unusual
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messages being tweeted on that day, it would show a linkage between us. i asked what messages met in investigative criteria. i was told things to an average person would seem a little unusual or things that seem to be coded, words that seem to indicate something else. just what struck people as odd. this information was passed to investigators and it was giving them some new leads. so, this use of social media, this data mining after an event is really one of the leading edges that we're seeing now in investigation. so you have got the very traditional the video from the public and then you have what's out there in social media as well. >> bill: what we are waiting on is a significant news conference from the fbi. the fbi agent in charge said to be out in a matter of moments here at the sherri tan hotel in downtown boston. we are waiting on still images and video of
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suspects that's suspects plural in a matter of moments. sources confirming with the fox news channel moments ago the reason why in part the fbi did not release this material earlier is they still had, quote: groundwork to do. that was considered, quote: under the radar in this investigation before. they can release this. now, released on the fbi's web site. it will also be released relean tandem with all the major television news operations at the same time. and we expect that roll out to happen any moment now. it has been two days since we have seen the fbi agent in charge. but in a matter of minutes we expect not only the video to be released but also these images that i mentioned a moment ago. rick leventhal has been working his sources tonight and throughout the day today. the president what a touching ceremony it was. now, rick, the focus goes back to this investigation.
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what is this sense and what are you hearing about where we move next on this story? >> well, clearly, bill, they wouldn't be releasing any video or photos of potential suspects. if they didn't need the public's help. and finance likely that the fbi was trying to locate suspicious individuals on its own without involving the public for fear that if they did involve the public seeing the pictures on television would alert these suspects and that they would go into hiding. it may well be that they have had a tough time locating, tracking down these people. and clearly now, if they are releasing the images, then they do need the public's help. what's going to happen next, once this video and these photos are released is that they will be inundated with tips. some valid perhaps. many, perhaps, invalid or of no help to investigators but all of them have to be checked out what investigators will be facing now is a very very deep list of leads that have to be checked out you
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have to be prepared for that you have to be ready to receive that and act as quickly as possible. based on the people you have talked to, how have investigators been prepared for that step? >> well, we know that there are 30 agencies and well over 1,000 agents and officers assigned to this particular case. and we know that they have been working around the clock since the explosions occurred on monday afternoon. and and clearly for the last 48 hours or so, they have been focused on trying to nail down who these -- the suspect or suspects are on their own. trying to track their own leads. and isolate these individuals. and apparently they are having a tough time nailing this down. and that's why, again, they are now going to be appealing to the public to look at this video. look at these photographs and identify them and,
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bill. that what we heard from officials is someone knows out there will know these people and recognize them at that point the hope is they can be captured very quickly. >> we have some more questions for you. specifically you were talking about the jihadist forms. have you been covering that on the fox news channel. and the information that the fbi and the police intelligence might be able to glean from that in the 24 hours. so it's the time frame preceding, during, and after. the initial reports was there wasn't a lot of charter or activity that usually that kind of involvement. >> one of these jihadist or radical web sites and that as what really pretty quiet immediately after the attack except for what i would call the expected celebratory messages which
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is what you see with almost every bad event involving the united states what i'm talking about socially is the messaging going on before and during the attacks. the lions share, vast majority were people horrified what happened. looking for people who they were at the race but there was a small subset that was unusual or anomalous that's been getting that additional investigation and analysis. by the feds black nylon bag, fragments of a black nylon bag, b bs and nails. battery used perhaps to be used in a remote control toy. circuit boards street of boylston in boston's back bay. add all that evidence to what we're about to see fbi
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believes are suspects bombing here at 2:15 eastern time monday afternoon. what a day it was. the president remarked what a beautiful day in boston, mid april. perfect day for running. 50, 51, 52 degrees. ocean blue skies above. all of that was torn apart in an instant when 12 seconds separated two huge explosions and scattered thousands of people in every which direction. one can imagine the graphic images we have seen have been just that now we're about to reveal the images and the videos. >> good afternoon. i'm the special agent in charge of the boston division. since monday's bombing, the fbi and our law enforcement partners have been working around the clock and are fully committed to investigating this matter to wring those responsible to justice: our collective law enforcement team has pursued thousands of leads
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and tips. as i said two days ago we are working methodically and sense of urgency to identify those responsible for the bombings. within the last day or so through that careful process, we initially developed a single person of interest. not knowing that the individual was acting alone or in concert with others, we obviously worked with extreme purpose to make that determination. the fbi in boston around the world and as well as our partners, police, atf, massachusetts state police and more than 30 agencies of the boston joint terrorism task force have set about to ensure that all responsible for the bombings will be brought to justice. more importantly, it was done to ensure the future safety of the city of boston, the commonwealth of massachusetts, and the country. indeed, through that process, the fbi developed a second suspect. today we are enlisting the public's help to identify the two suspects. after very detailed analysis of photo, video
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and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect one and suspect 2. they appear to be associated. suspect 1 is wearing a dark hat. suspect 2 is wearing a white hat. suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. we strongly encourage those who were at the forum restaurant, who have not contacted us yet to do so. as you can see from one of the -- from one of the images, suspects 1 and 2 appear to be walking together through the marathon crowd on boylston street in the direction of the finish line. that image was they walked on boylston in the vicinity of the intersection with glouster street. as you can see the quality of the photos is quite good but we will continue to work on developing additional images to improve their identification value.
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further on we have photos of the suspects. the photos and videos are posted for the public and media to use, review, and publicize. for clarity, these images should be the only ones, i emphasize the only ones that the public should view to assist us. other photos should not be deemed credible and they are unnecessarily divert the public's attention in the wrong direction and create undo work for vital resources. for more than 100 years. the fbi has relied upon the public to be its eyes and ears. with the media's help in an instant. these images will be delivered into the hands of millions around the world. we know the public will play a critical role in identifying and locating these individuals. somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members of the suspects. though it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us.
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no bit of information, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential is too small for us to see. each piece moves us forward towards justice. it is extremely important to contact us with any information regarding the identities of suspect one, suspect 2, and their location. we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. no one should approach them. no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. let me it rate -- reiterate that caution. do not take any action on your own. if you see these men, contact law enforcement. if you know anything about the bombings or the men pictured here, please call the telephone listed on the photo arrays. that's 1-800-call fbi. again, that's 1-800, 225-5324. all calls will be kept confidential. we have also established a web site for tips that directly relates to the bombing.
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please contact us at boston marathon tips dot fbi dotted gov. again, that web site is boston marathon the photos can be viewed on our web site it's important to emphasize the images from monday are indelible and the horror of that day will remain with us forever. this further underscores our obligation to investigate this crime judiciously in order to bring those responsible to justice. the victims and the survivors deserve nothing more. nothing less, as to monday's victims, the fbi is committed to ensuring that victims receive the rights they are entitled to and the assist stance they need to cope with the crime. treating victims with respect and providing them with assistance benefits, and help and assistance will better our cases. our resources include an office of victim assistance at fbi headquarters and
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victim specialists nationwide. these highly trained professionals can assist victims and coordinate with other agencies to provide victims with the support, information, and resources necessary to effectively meet their needs. our victim's specialist team continues to work around the clock to bring assistance to the victims of this heinous act. identifying and locating those responsible is now our highest priority. no other details of the investigation will be released at this time because this is our focus now. it continues to be an ongoing active investigation. review these photographs and contact us at 1-800-call fbi or marathon immediately. thank you very much'. >> should there be an arrest what kind of charges would you anticipate?
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>> i am not going to comment on now. >> we got photographs on folks off contracts. >> are both suspects seen planting the devices at the finish line at the boston marathon? >> no. about what time. >> the only one on or abouted planting what we believe to be the device is suspect number 2 with a white cap. >> what time did they put those devices down do you believe? >> i don't have the precise time in front of me. it was shortly before the bomb blast went off. within minutes. >> are these the sole people of interest to the fbi at this point in the investigation. >> at this time these are the people of interest to the fbi. [shouting] >> do you have any information on what they did after the explosion? any indication they were around watching or do you have any videos of them walking away? >> suspect number 2, with the white cap on proceeded west on boylston street.
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and that's all we know right now. >> sir, can you address, there were pictures today in newspapers all over the country, including the "new york post" that identifies two men potential suspects. i'm just wondering what it does to your investigation when things like this get out and these guys are wrong. >> i think i addressed that question in my statement by saying the only photos that should be officially relied upon in this investigation are those you see before you today. >> last question. >> do you stand by your earlier statement that there is no additional danger to the public? >> i do stand by that statement right now. there is no additional imminent danger that we're aware of right now. >> again, the photos are available at we will have more information when we have something to release publicly. we will be back and let you know. check our web site at
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>> bill: another fascinating development in what has been an incredible story over the past three and a half days. and now we have the images of suspect number 1 and suspect number 2. and the way the fbi agent in charge described how this investigation started, working off of an image of a single person of interest. and they weren't quite clear that a single person was working with 2 or 3 or more than that suspect number one in the dark cap and somebody number 2 in the white cap. suspect number 2 according to the fbi was seen dropping the second bomb in front of the forum restaurant, would have been 755 boylston street, the forum restaurant, the scene of the second blast which occurred about 50 or 75 yards away from the first initial explosion at 2:50 monday afternoon. the fbi also saying that if there are other photographs out there that you have
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seen, consider them not credible. i think that is absolutely fascinating. when you look at what has gone around the internet over the past 24 to 36 hours. these two images did not pop up. and the fbi saying it might be difficult to come forward. you might know them as a friend or family member. please come forward. it may be difficult but we need your help. each piece of evidence moves us forward to justice. 1-800-call-fbi. 1-800 are-255-2344. boston marathon i want to get to catherine herridge to what we just witnessed and heard here in boston. catherine? >> well, the financing that jumps out at me immediately is that there has been discussion all week whether this was possible by a single individual and now we know it did take two people to plant both of the devices. i have to admit i can't see the photos that closely
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from where i'm sitting right now. but both of the young men appear to be in their 20's, 20 or so, maybe, maybe early 30's. hard to tell. but certainly fit into the crowd. did not -- did not hang about to wait for the explosions that was seen dropped one of shortly before the explosion happened. the information we had earlier this week is that the device may have been assembled fairly close by to the blast site and then dropped at the blast site fairly quickly because to transport a device like that over a long distance is a little bit risky because you risk premature detonation. again, this thing that jumps out at me the most is that you have this small conspiracy, two individuals. at this pnt our nation's
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intelligence chief. they have not made any determinations on whether this domestic terrorism, homegrown terrorism, individuals who have been self-radicalized or whether there was an international group that was behind it so that the field remained very wide open. but now we have the two individuals, they believe are likely planted those devices, bill. >> bill: quick observation. suspect number 1 looks like he has ear phones as he walks down that sidewalk. suspect number 2, if someone knows this individual, they can easily identify them off of this image. i think this is fantastic work on behalf of the fbi to at least give a direction. >> if i could just add one other point there when you look at your screen the upper right profile shot. the fbi is extremely fortunate to have a profile shot. maybe the viewers don't realize is that next to
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your fingerprints one of the markers that is about as unique as your fingerprint is what your ear looks like. people have been identified just based on profiles because of what the ear looks like. that's an incredibly valuable shot. and in my experience, it would not be an accident that that is one of the shots the fbi has posted here. >> and why would that be catherine? why do you believe that? >> well, if you don't have fingerprints for an individual to identify them, one of the standard practices with the crowd shots, when you are trying to find a suspect, is to look for a profile shot. because, as i mentioned, the shape of your ear is as individual as your fingerprints, it's as individual as a snowflake. you just don't have any repeats on that. having that profile shot and having that ear is almost like having that individual's fingerprints. so, based on my years covering, this i don't
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believe it's an accident that that photo is being put up, the profile shots very important. and that the fbi is very fortunate to have a profile shot. the shots looking down at the suspects with the hats is much harder to discern who that is, but the profile shots is really a money shot for investigators. >> bill: it's fascinating too, catherine. i want to emphasize this, also. there were many images that were circulating throughout the media here in boston. these were not two of them. some of the images that were circulated were printed in newspapers earlier today. those are not the images that we were given only moments ago. it's almost as if a curve ball has been thrown yet again in this story. whether or not this leads to the identity, these two individuals, that will be all the fbi is concerned with now. and now you wonder do they live in boston? are they from this state? are they from out-of-state? are they from out of the country? if so, where are they now?
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and the fbi has been very careful now as they embark in this point of the investigation. they will get flooded with tips. what do you understand about the way the fbi is now set up to receive these tips and to sort through them appropriately and carefully and for lack of a better word to do it quickly? >> well, typically, the fbi will triage the tips as they come in based on the amount of detail or the began granularity. i know that's person x, y, and z and they live at this address and here the phone number. tips that are kind of vague don't have that detail. certain amount of weight given to tips where individuals who want to provide their own identity to investigators. but sometimes they are tips that are anonymous that are just as valuable. one element that jumped out from the news conference though, bill, in terms of the audience that's being
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reached, the special agent in charge said this will now be available on an international basis. that's poncht because they were doing this with the widest dissemination. >> bill: catherine, we have been waiting 48 hours for the next news conference and this is what we have been waiting for. the people here in the state and the city and across the country. now we have this news. this is truly a -- this is a shattering moment. it is a moment in this story that will either produce numerous results --o it quickly or maps perhaps it's one of these stories that lingers for weeks if not months. right now we cannot say which direction the story goes. a single person of interest was initially spotted by the fbi. they worked to confirm whether or not that person is working with another person or more than one person. and now we have the news of the hour and really the news of the day. suspect number 1 in a dark hat under surveillance video screen left and also
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the frozen image screen right. suspect number 2 with the white hat. note that the hat is put on backwards. almost as if he is not even concealing himself from the possibility of being spotted by a camera or to be picked up on the surveillance that we be watching now. suspect number two in the white hat was shown drops a bomb. that's the explosion that we showed on behalf of the nbc station here in boston whdh on tuesday they were given a picture. two of them actually, one before the first blast and one about moiments after. some sort of item sitting on the sidewalk and then moments later it is gone. and the second explosion has come and gone. and the word from the fbi as well. if you see other photographs. don't consider them credible and many of them are going around be it on newspapers or various web
2:38 pm
site they are not considered credible at this point. the number on the screen 1-800-call-fbi or go to the web site. on that web site there is a specific category for anyone who might have tips called boston marathon tips dot mark fuhrman with me now. i'm curious to get your reaction based on the news of the hour and this is significant. marc? >> yeah, it is. and, you know, what's interesting about this last 48 hours is that the fbi and the task force for the combined law enforcement task force has been trying to close on the suspects with any hot leads or relevant leads that they could -- that they could acquire, trying to identify a named suspect, the location, so they could close, surveil, perhaps follow and actually control the situation. and they actually went as far as they could without
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notifying the public. now they believe, i'm sure, that they are hopeful that they lived in the area for whatever period of time, weeks, days, months. but, i think they believe that they are probably on the move. i'm kind of surprised that they didn't tell the public what the logos on the hats were. young people, they notice that. they notice the logos and sometimes it means very much not to us as older adults but to kids, where they hang out. what they do. and where they might have got the hat. so, to me, that's something i wished i would have known. >> bill: well, somebody number 2, you see that profile shot, mark. if someone knows that individual, they can identify him. and can you imagine after this picture went out that they are receiving tips right now. >> i agree with you. bill. 110%. the prominence of his
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profile is something that's going to probably be as, you know, his collapse here. if he has been seen or he associates, especially in the attire and the manner in which he is right there, he is going to be remembered and somebody is going to actually call in. but it is interesting that with that good of a picture, they haven't been able to canvas the area and get anybody to identify him in that general area of boston. so i think they probably think that they are not from the area and they don't still reside or even hiding in the area. >> marc, i thought it was curious when the fbi agent said if you know them or perhaps their friends or family members, he said it might be difficult but still come forward. now, based on your experience has it been picture for people to identify them have they tried to hold that information back? or is this the case where
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you see the act is so heinous and so wrong and so immoral that you want to identify them and come forward? it's interesting but there is always the problem in law enforcement that loved ones put their love for a relative even if they are a suspect that's committed a heinous act they put them before the victim to convince someone, conceal them now you know who they are you are part of crime. this can elevate. i think issue needs to know this. if you aid or abet these people. you help them in any way after now you see these pictures, now you are part of that crime. you are part of that day when the boston marathon was bombed. so be advised this is not an avenue you want to go down. the interesting thing about this, bill, is the photographs, they are good but they are probably not
2:42 pm
good enough for any biometric data base and/or they are not in the system. same with any d.n.a. or physical evidence they acquired off the bags or the bombs they might not be in the system whatsoever. this 48 hours they have tried to pursue all the avenues and closed a name, identification, relatives, vehicles, something. this press conference was pretty sparse when it came to information. they are hoping the public can help right now and the next 24 hours you are going to have a lot of tips come in and there is a very good chance that one of those tips is going to lead to at least who these guys are and where they have been. >> mark fuhrman. andrea? andrea: mark fuhrman, any concerns about vigilante justice in the days that followed 9/11, did you see some people targeted. is that a concern of law enforcement? now that the public has
2:43 pm
been asked to provide tips, you know, i hate to look like these two guys here. but, you know, any concerns that they they have been b. people taking this into their own hands? >> i don't think so. because i don't think, you know, you look at these two is suspects, you can't jump to any conclusions what their religious affiliation, their race is. they look like caucasians, maybe caucasian mixed with hispanic or some other race. you can't really tell from the photos. i don't know how anybody could focus on any one group. there is no ideology attached to these individuals. the fbi doesn't have that information. so, nobody has claimed this attack which to me doesn't really mean much, because i think even terrorists learn if you claim something, all of a sudden there is this big drone coming down at you, you know, firing missiles. so, i'm not sure that that
2:44 pm
is something that is really telling here. i think people would certainly participate in reporting. i don't know if they would contact i would advise against it. >> mark, this is greg gutfeld. i have one observation and one question. the observation is it seems like the second guy who seems kind of nervous, judging by his hands. he has his hat on so you can see him, which makes me think that he doesn't cair if he is seen which makes me think he is not from around there. maybe from another country. my next question is: if parents come forward that would essentially mean he is domestic. and if you don't hear from parents, wouldn't that mean he is international? >> well, i think you are right. if nobody comes forward and says i know this guy, whether it's a classmate, a parent, a cousin, a next door neighbor, the guy he buys beer from, dope from, whatever, i think we're talking about somebody that
2:45 pm
has flown into this country, stayed under wraps in a motel or an apartment, you know, terrorists they come in. they don't want to be seen. i mean, they are on to our investigative techniques. so they are going to come in. if they are going to be here to do something they are in and they are out. they don't want to leave any footprint. if there is a footprint left here i would say they have been here for a while and perhaps they live here. i think you are right. 100%. the guy that seems to be more concerned with his identity being seen, the hat, the sunglasses, he seems to keep his head down more, perhaps he is the main suspect and this other -- the other suspect with the white hat, perhaps, he is the trainee or the younger, the guy on his first outing. you know, it's hard to tell. but, when you look at the way they conduct themselves, they don't look very similar in the way they are acting or the way they dress. >> bob: mark, this is bob
2:46 pm
beckel. when people commit this kind of crime they have much time to get away. do they tend to stay in the community or take off and try to get to a border? try to get some place else or try to find refuge some place with somebody they know in an area? >> well, it's an interesting question. let's just take murder. let's just take gang murders. if do you something that is very obvious, heinous, in the media and gets a lot of attention, you are on the fly. you rabbit. you take off. they that might be to another state, another city, or another country. if it's hispanic gang, naturally they will flee to mexico. if it is a black or an asian gang, they will go to a community that will harbor them and lie about their presence. they might go farther. i would suspect that in 48 hours, i mean, everybody has been trying to close with these individuals but if they just had a car, traveling at normal speed,
2:47 pm
they could be half way across the country or to canada or to the mexican border. they could be many places. you don't have the ability to close an airport or to notify anybody that first 12 to 24 hours. we really don't know where they are. >> kimberly: mark, you are bringing up a great point. they are bringing in the public right now by bringing in these images and saying they need the help. the delay of game yesterday. we thought they were going to have the press conference. they pushed off on it because they said they had some more groundwork to follow up on. it tells me that the trail has gone a little cold. that they need the public now. my fear is that these two individuals that have been identified as suspect one and suspect 2 are no longer with us. meaning they had a sufficient amount of time, regardless of their original origin, where they are from or if they are from here to get out of country. >> i would agree. just look at the first four
2:48 pm
hours. law enforcement wants to close in a perimeter to see if they can seal in the suspect. if they don't do that, by the time you get all the law enforcement and you get organization and you get an operational command post set up is about 3 or 4 hours. by the time that happens, they could be 200 miles away driving just a normal car at normal speed. so, it's hard to close in that circle, that perimeter quickly if you don't know what you are looking for. >> marc, question: second guy walking back. looks like his leg is buckling, is that just because he has got a backpack or is it because he has got a problem with his leg? >> i would probably say that that backpack he was probably carrying the heavier of the two devices. i would probably say that, you know, it's probably shifting, you know, and one of those pressure cooker bombs, you have got 10 pounds of explosives, plus the shrapnel, plus the pot.
2:49 pm
so, it's probably kind of awkward. it doesn't fit in the backpack correctly. so, i would probably say he is probably trying to act normal and it's probably making him walk just a little strange. >> eric: mark, we will let you go and say thank you very much for your time. i will go back to bill hemmer. something very important that was asked in that press conference. the question was is there video of suspect 1 and suspect 2 actually placing these backpacks which eventually detonated and the fbi the way i understood it, correct me if i am wrong, the fbi agent said we have suspect 2, the guy with the white cap placing a backpack which detonated. we don't know who placed the second backpack. do we, bill? does that mean there might be more suspects out there? >> bill: just to keep the story straight here. two explosions, two separate bombs, two separate individuals. the way i heard it described, suspect number 2, with the white hat is the one who placed the
2:50 pm
second bomb. the one that went off 12 seconds later. after that initial explosion, that rocked this course. that's the one they have on tape. and then he went on to say that -- will indicate that there was not video, perhaps, of the first explosion or the first suspect dropping the initial backpack. what you are watching on your screen there with the white hat is suspect number 2. suspect number 1 is wearing that dark hat. eric, i did not hear him say that they have video evidence or photographic evidence of suspect number 1 leaving the first bomb in that place right near the finish line. i only heard him refer to suspect number 2 in that bomb. >> that's correct. >> very interesting. which i guess would leave the door open for possibly more suspects. i don't want to speculate on that. >> bill, you brought up an interesting point. because they did specify that it was suspect 2 with the white cap that had the second bomb and you see
2:51 pm
greg pointed out that his leg is kind of buckling perhaps under the weight of that bomb, because the information we have is the first bomb was the smaller of the two. that detonated which then drove traffic, the people away from the first bomb and into the kill zone of the second bomb, which was the larger of the two. that was placed by this individual, suspect 2 in the white hat. >> yeah. it could very well be. i do not know. i cannot answer and i will not speculate on that. but what i do know is from watching the raw feed of that video from monday afternoon, it's a stunning scene. and what i remember specifically is the first explosion went off and it was thunder russ. and it was loud. and the second explosion, which occurred 12 seconds later, was not quite as loud. but the thing you hear on that tape, and the thing that you hear clearly is the amount of collective terror that comes together on behalf of the thousands of people who then were forced to scatter.
2:52 pm
and then we saw the aftermath. and we saw the blood literally in the streets of boston, massachusetts. kim degree degree all right. thank you very much. bill daily a former investigator. bill, you know, the public i'm sure they want answers. i'm sure they are flooding the fbi's hotline now with some tips. some accurate. some not accurate and you look at this. it took us three months to get the east african bombers. took us three years to get the bomber. took a decade to get usama bin laden. first i want to ask you how do you think in terms of the evidence that we have, how would you rank this investigation? is this a good sign? it's mere days and we do have photos. and also, if you are at the fbi right now. how do you rank the tips that are coming in? which ones do you make the priority? how do you sort them as we heard earlier from catherine herridge into different buckets? >> sure, andrea. good questions. and the answer to the first one i think it's moving along quite well. i think it really goes to
2:53 pm
show you it's not just the cooperation of the law enforcement agencies involved in the joint terrorism task force but is also the ability to be able to get information from the public. these images, they apparently were taken by closer cameras. outside of the building. at least the ones they are releasing are extremely helpful in getting this investigation moving forward. i think this is really kind of a key and pivotal issue that is out there. key and push for pivotal oppory for the public to help. they have helped in the past. and the fbi's 10 most wanted. 30% have been caught by the public. by reaching out to the public, you immy yaltly get some fast track movement on this. that's not to say that he they're not moving on the other elements of the forensics investigation and finding out where components were bought. getting more details which may bring them also to the subjects. but it also really focuses in the public's attention. and interesting, andrea, and i will get to your question about how they filtered these in a second. one thing i was taken by earlier today i was looking
2:54 pm
in the internet and saw how many people are out there looking at their own personal video files and started unfortunately in some ways looking for their own' is. but, you know, now i think people are going to be looking at all those unreleased photos, they didn't send to the police. saying, gee, maybe i have a picture of these two guys and they are going to be scanning their own databases and picture files and they are going to be helping the fbi and so the public is an important part of this. now how they go about screening these things on this major cases like this as can you imagine project management of the leads as is important as the tactical work they are doing in the field. so, they have desks set up. people who are able to procedure advertise leads when they come in. they will number them. they will rank them. move up to the top and provide them to the investigators to look at. maybe it's research. maybe it's knocking on some doors. maybe it's doing something else. so there is a triage to these things. much like any other type of
2:55 pm
emergency situation with -- smart to put priority on those leads. >> bob: bill, this is bob beckel. mark fuhrman said they tried to put an acordon around an area like this to see if they could contain the substance. given a look at these two pictures here. these kids look like normal college students or something in that area. it's probably likely these guys right through a cordon, didn't they? >> to me it looks like, exactly, bob. they look like every day guys who may be showing up to watch the marathon, exactly right. they didn't seem to, you know, jump off the page at anyone. they appeared to be, you know, they are carrying bags, much like many people in those crowds are carrying bags. there is nothing that i would have seen that would have drawn any immediate attention to them. >> greg: maybe two questions. how do we know the second spearn guy? because it could be a girl. the second thing is if you had to describe what these people looked like to a blind person, how would you do that? what would come to mind?
2:56 pm
>> i they can take bank robber photos are many times not clear . these are very clear . with video enhancements they can be better perhaps . you can easily describe to someone what you are looking for as far as height. you can compare against other people and know things in the picture frame inside of the building et cetera and you can describe general characteristics and i think there is skin tone in there. frankly you hear descriptions in the radio and tv, it sounds like an average person and
2:57 pm
could be anyone. anyone who knows these people and passed by them are going to say i know who they are and will pick up the phone and call. >> i was trying to see if could give an idea of the skin tone, eric? >> we are watching the video loop here in the studio and we talked about what it looks to be some sort of a bowl legged situation or maybe the suspect, with his toes in a little bit. we should look at things like that and something as simple as his gait? >> eric, exactly. the posture and could be tell-tale signs. if it is a problem with him walking in a normal day . carrying these devices. i mean, estimate have been put that it is weighing a couple
2:58 pm
of pounds, several pounds, i am not convinced his legs would be buckling under that weight. i think you are right. it could be a characteristic of the way he wakes and people say, could it be frank or bob . he doesn't walk funny and how many calls come into the authoritis and result in people being identified with 30 percent of the 10 most wanted have come from the public. and the 30 percent that came from the possible. have they come from friend and family members? very quickly. first thing i thought. but boston is close to a border and they could be out of the country or canada or anywhere . we don't know. how typically does the f.b.i. work with other countries. i assume the video has gone global by now? >> i assume it has. they work closely with the border up in canada as you are
2:59 pm
referring to. i do think that the individuals most likely have gone out of the area, i think starting to look through videos and if they thought they had safety where they were. they would have high taled it out of there. and looking outside of the country would be important. there is a number of things that the f.b.i. is looking for. i am hopeful and i think it is a stunning development in the case. >> all right. we want to thank you for joining us on the program tonight. bill daley former f.b.i. and agency. we want to direct your attention you can look at it on foxnew it is.comwith bret baier is next. so we are looking at the video here. greg, you mentioned stuff

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